If you’re an IELTS test away from your dream of a life abroad, it’s time to prepare for success. The chance to study or work in an English speaking country is a big opportunity and your IELTS band score can help you get there. Prepare for the Writing Section of IELTS with these tips!

What to expect

You will be given one hour to complete the Writing Section of IELTS. There will be two different tasks for you to showcase your written communication skills, with specific word counts for each. You may be asked to write a letter based on an imaginary scenario or a short essay about your opinion on a general topic.

Your score for the Writing Section is based on four elements:

  • Task achievement: did you cover all points in the question and write the required number of words?
  • Fluency and coherence: does your writing flow well and is it easy to understand?
  • Lexical resource: did you use the correct vocabulary and spelling?
  • Grammatical range and accuracy: are you using the correct tenses and showing a variety of sentence structures?

Planning your IELTS writing prep

Finding the best IELTS preparation material is easy when you take the test with the British Council. We’ve developed IELTS Ready Premium to ensure you have every section of the IELTS test covered. You can access IELTS Ready Premium for free when you register for IELTS with us!

Our most comprehensive course, used by thousands of test takers to achieve their required IELTS band scores, includes writing exercises and masterclasses you can join to get helpful tips. You can also benefit from the personalised study plan we include to ensure you get enough writing practice before your test date.   

Put yourself to the test 

Practice tests are an essential part of IELTS preparation and play a big role in familiarising yourself with the test format. The more you write, the more confident you will feel when you get to the Writing Section of your IELTS test.

IELTS Ready Premium features more than 40 practice tests, so you have plenty of mock questions to prepare with. Use these tests to track your time management and ensure you can complete both writing tasks within an hour.

Incorporate feedback 

Knowing your strengths and understanding where you face challenges is an important part of your IELTS preparation. Getting feedback on your progress will help you identify which sections require more practice so you can get the IELTS band score you need to achieve your goals.

Benefits of early IELTS registration

When you use IELTS Ready Premium to prepare, you can submit practice essays for assessment by IELTS instructors. Register for your IELTS test early so you can access IELTS Ready Premium for longer and have enough time to receive and incorporate feedback.

Whether you’re planning to graduate at a world-class university or embark on career opportunities abroad, IELTS Ready Premium can help you prepare for success!