customer service week 2015

British Council Malawi is celebrating the Customer Service Week (CSW) from 5-8 October, 2015. This event is devoted to recognise the importance of customer service and to honour the people who serve and support customers every day. Celebrated annually during October, Customer Service Week has grown into an international event across a wide variety of industries in all over 40 countries. What unites all these organisations is their deep commitment to quality customer care.

British Council celebrates this week because it provides a unique opportunity for service and support professionals around the globe to join in a celebration of the important role that customer service plays in our organisation. This year’s theme is “Attracting, Winning and Retaining” customers. We believe that engaged employees work with passion and feel a profound connection to their company and customers. They drive innovation and move the organisation forward. During this week we'll also take time to reflect on our processes, review & respond to what our customers are saying to us in different ways including online surveys, feedback channels.

To make this event successful, we have arranged online and  offiline activities. We warmly welcome your thoughts and comments to help us serve you better.