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British Council Malawi is pleased to announce the start of a major new project in Malawi as part of the European Union funded VET Toolbox initiative. Malawi is already benefitting from short-term technical support from the Toolbox in a project delivered by British Council in collaboration National Youth Council of Malawi, focussing on inclusion in VET. 

Now, as part of a new pillar of the VET Toolbox designed to maximise the impact of investments, particularly European investments, in selected Sub-Saharan countries, initial work is underway in Malawi on a new project delivered by British Council that seeks to help improve local skills, build local partnerships, create more decent jobs and support local economic development.  

This early work centres on an opportunities mapping exercise to understand the investment landscape within Malawi and identify where a VET Toolbox project can deliver maximum local benefit. Critical to this work is collaboration with key local stakeholders and, to this end, a National Advisory Board of such stakeholders has already been established. Their knowledge and guidance will help ensure the development of a project that is tailor-made to meet the country’s skills and jobs challenges.

Malawi is one of eleven Sub-Saharan countries that will benefit from the new pillar of the VET Toolbox. The full list of countries is: DR Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rep. Congo, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda. The VET Toolbox runs until August 2022 and is being delivered by a consortium of leading European agencies including British Council, Enabel (Belguim), GIZ, LuxDev (Luxembourg), AFD (France) and Expertise France.